Energy Partners



Our services primarily target national clientele who operate large numbers of facilities and high-volume energy operations. BES Group conducts mass primary research to identify new technology enhancements for introduction to strong industries and high volume energy operation facilities.

What We Offer

• Energy procurement
• Utility bill audit and bill processing payment
• Demand Response Programs
• Energy audit
• LEED Certifications
• Energy Star building benchmarking (EPA’S Energy Performance Rating for Government, Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Buildings)
• Energy Management, Renewable Energy Procurement (REC)
• Lighting consulting & design
• Environmental quality assessment
• Green initiatives measures
• Available financing for energy projects
• Renewable Energy Systems such as:
   - Solar/Photovoltaic
   - Wind Power
   - Geothermal
   - Green Roofs

Who We've Helped

• Government Institutions
• Real Estate
• Industrial Facilities
• Educational Institutions
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Restaurants
• Retail Businesses
• Museums






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