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3 Phase Comprehensive Consulting Package


Phase I:

- Evaluation of energy usage, utility data and the auditing of utility bills.

Phase II:

- Facility assessment.

Phase III:

- Integration of appropriate sustainability measures within review of the business plan.

Each project is different and the process begins with strategy implementation. We ensure each strategy complies with state and federal regulatory standards. From negotiating with utilities, evaluating a utility or asset purchase, managing procurement from third energy suppliers, negotiating contracts, working with regulators or evaluating environmental regulations, BES Group saves energy consumers millions each year. We also work to leverage maximum incentives from state and local governmental agencies when locating a business or operational facility

In today's volatile energy markets consumers must endure fluctuating energy rates assessed by different local utility companies. BES Group assists energy consumers with an RFP and/or a bid energy procurement process, analyze and negotiate contractual data and savings reports. We audit and process utility bills, which includes receiving and paying all utility invoices, while minimizing overpayments by identifying billing errors and inaccurate meter readings.

BES Group facility assessment accentuates methods to reduce energy consumption. Clients undergo an energy audit to identify inefficient equipment and operational systems while evaluating new technological advancements, energy-efficient technologies, conservation programs and eco-friendly equipment specialized for facility operations. Utilizing utility data management and energy procurement, we provide solutions that reduce energy use, lower energy costs and consumption in environmentally conscious ways. BES Group assist in providing project funding to qualified clients.



New York City Energy Consumption

Estimated Total Annual Building Energy Consumption at the Block and Lot Level for NYC.




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