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Energy is our top business priority. We pursue it by reducing energy costs and energy consumption by strategizing energy procurement policies and implementing improved technology systems in keeping with the growing demand amongst consumers everywhere to preserve our environment. We work with energy consumers to evaluate energy usage, utility management, facility profiles, sustainability measures and business plans in order to design and implement the best possible energy solution custom tailored to their needs.

BES Group provides the risk management expertise required to implement cost-effective solutions within facility environments operating in today's volatile energy markets. Our provision of energy management services to prominent clients forges solid interchange relationships with national wholesale energy providers. BES Group also offers lighting consultation & design services to retrofit outdated systems, improve internal lighting or undertake new project construction.




Historically, natural gas and electricity have been distributed to US consumers by utilities allowed to operate as monopolies by state and local governments. In the mid-1990s, state deregulation of energy markets broadened the choice of energy providers available to consumers. Beyond Energy Solutions Group Inc. is a national energy consulting firm committed to energy economization & efficiency, sustainability through green initiatives and business utility management.

The volatility of energy markets causes significant fluctuations in energy costs and regulations faced by consumers. BES Group Inc. is a trusted energy risk management advisor to large, medium & small energy consumers nationwide, providing a comprehensive range of choices that maximize energy quality performance for consumers.


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