The average New Yorker used 127 Gallons of water a day in 2010.

New York City
New York area consumers pay over 50% more above the U.S. city average for electricity according to a 2012 study by the US Department of Labor. Source

Greenhouse Gas
Includes: Carbon dioxide (82.8%), Methane (11.1%), Nitrous oxide (3.3%), Other (2.8%)

Green Roofs
Offer many benefits, including cooling buildings, reducing stormwater runoff, providing wildlife habitat, growing food and creating jobs. Source

Solar Energy
Is an inexhaustible fuel source that is pollution and often noise free.

Over 30% of energy in commerical and industrial buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily.

The United States represents just 5% of the global population but over 20% of the world's energy consumption.

$202.3 Billion
Combined annual energy costs for U.S. commercial buildings ($107.9 billion) and industrial facilities ($94.4 billion).

We strive for innovation, integrity and honesty while saving energy, conserving the environment and enhancing the bottom line for all energy consumers.


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